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If you've always wanted to dip your head under the sea but have never breathed with scuba equipment, a Scubo Try Scuba Diving Programme is perfect for you. In a short theoretical session, our expert Instructor will explain the most fundamental rules for safe and simple diving and familiarize you with the use of scuba equipment.After that, you'll go into the shallow water with your instructor for some exercises to help you get used to your new gear. You'll be surprised at how simple it is and how much fun it is to breathe underwater. After that, the teacher will take you on a discovery dive so you can see the open sea and its amazing marine life. This segment of the program has a maximum depth of 12 meters

Diving Tips

If you want to learn to dive, the Scubo Scuba Diver course is the most convenient option. Scuba Diver training at Scubo follows the proven classroom, pool, and sea training approach. We can't converse underwater, so everything is done in the classroom, where the student learns crucial safety information and dive expertise. The pool serves as a vital link between the classroom and the sea, allowing new student dives to build competence and confidence in a safe and controlled environment before venturing farther. This ensures a safe and fun introduction to the sea, with pupils arriving prepared to place themselves underwater and operate their new equipment.

The first two dives will be in the sea, to a maximum depth of 12 meters, on our magnificent house reef on the second day. These dives will, of course, be supervised and guided by our scuba instructors. The most crucial aspects here are safety and enjoyment.

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