Market Research

Filter & Bottle Market

More than 900 million people do not have access to free, clean water at this time. With the use of bottled water, water filters are becoming more and more popular worldwide. It is also notable that the Asia Pacific and Europe areas are anticipated to be attractive markets for different industry stakeholders.

Industry Growth

The biggest problem comes with the water around the world is surface pollution. The decreasing water quality index of freshwater resources is a big problem now, because they are required for almost all of the drinking and irrigation water demand.

Chemical pollution, in contrast to biological contamination, does not immediately affect human health, but causes accumulation in the body and subsequent negative effects. As a result, damnd of water filters is rising in the domestic market to ensure excellent water quality index. This element is promoting the growth of the water filter industry worldwide.

Bottled Water

Fresh, delicious clean water quality Ensured for a better Halthy living.

Water Filter

Much stricter filtration operation at lower price and a greener solution.

Water Filters Growth

Due to the need for high-quality water, bottled water sales have generally increased in recent years. Around 40% to 60% of people globally are considered to be middle class. The global demand for water filters is increasing. As the high frequent purchase of bottled water increases, poeple also realise that water filters are a more effective alternative.

Evidently, convenience is guaranteed by water filters. A water filter has an advantage over bottled water just by being able to easily distribute fresh, high-quality drinking water. Additionally, water filters are low maintenance, portable, and easy to change for quick filtration.

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