On March 7, Scubo announced the opening of their online Education Center, a new learning environment that provides access to their conservation programs centered around marine life and environmental best practices to individuals worldwide.

We continue to offer the best Dive & Stay and PADI Learn & Stay packages on Scubo if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. You can currently earn a 35 percent discount on your next dive vacation and/or PADI course if you help us by purchasing prepaid vouchers.

The following “new normal” methods, based on government and industry recommendations, have been created to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus at our dive resort, on our boats, and during our numerous activities by improving sanitization procedures and maintaining social distance.

Our local crew has already been in quarantine for a month. Our local team will return to work three weeks before the government-approved reopening date to guarantee that our resort and facilities are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and serviced. Before they can return to Scubo, our nonlocal staff will have to do a fast or PCR test, and they may have to quarantine for 14 days.

We will use an infrared thermometer to take your temperature when you arrive at our dive lodge. After that, you’ll have to wash your hands at one of the sanitizing stations before we start our updated briefing, which will cover the Green Fins Code of Conduct, diving, and our new COVID process.

Each diver will be given a personal cup at surface intervals, and we will continue to serve tea and coffee. Each diver will also be given a personal snack pack with local delicacies and fresh fruits. Our guests are encouraged to bring a reusable bottle to fill with our water gallon.

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