Scubo’s New opening Steps after the COVID-19 Epidemic

On March 7, Scubo announced the opening of their online Education Center, a new learning ...

Scubo recently have released their online Center for Clients

Scubo announced the launch of their online Education Centre on March 7th, a new learning ...

Scubo is going to add more dive resort for its Clients

Our crew and management have worked exceptionally hard over the last ten years to create ...

Learn more about Maintaining Scuba Materials Easy Tips

Whether you like scuba diving sometimes or on a regular basis, you should know how ...

Snorkeling in Schubo Island and Training Center

To visit Scubo, you don’t need to be a diver. There are several ways to ...

Finding What Is The Best Time To Dive on Scubo Island

This coral area is well-known for its amazing diving, and it frequently appears on lists ...

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