A Trusted Name In
Bottled Water Industry

Maxium Purity

Our Processing plant ensures the best Purity.

Cholorine Free

Get the Chlorine and heavy metal free water.

5 Steps Filtration

Multiple step filtering ensures the best quality water.

Healthy Water

We maintain balanced PH level for healthiest water.


Years Of Exps

We Always Want Safe and Healthy Water for Healthy Life.

We know that as water is the most essential element for all living beings, not only humans, and you have to take it regularly, you are searching for the best quality water consisting of natural PH balance and teste. Without these criteria, your health may be in danger sooner or later.

We the Acuasafe team ensure you the purest and healthiest water for daily life with the affordable price. Our QC team regularly monitors and checkup the water quality ensuring you get the best quality.

We Deliver Best Quality
Bottle Packs.

1L 3 Bottles

Mineral Water Bottle


Mineral water bottle for Residential users, available in different sizes

20L 2 Bottles

Bottled sparkling water


Bottled water in Large containers ideal for the starter businesses.

20L 5 Bottles

Naturally Mineral Water


Bottled water with 5 large containers for commercial large places.

Ready To Get Our Premium Water Delivery Service.

We give our services to more than 10 countries. We give our delivery service using more than 50 couriers within 2hr in anywhere in the city.

  • Free Delivery
  • 7 Days In A Week Service

Our Dedicated Team Members
value Your Needs.

Md Sweem


Christian Bale


Hard Branots


Choose Your Best Pricing Plan

Acuasafe ensures quality over services along with affordable prices. Our product rates are available on a Monthly and Yearly basis. Choose the package that best suits you.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly



Standard Pricing

  • With Hol Cool
  • Variation of Water
  • Home Delivery
  • Team Access
  • Privacy Settings



Standard Pricing

  • With Hol Cool
  • Variation of Water
  • Home Delivery
  • Team Access
  • Privacy Settings

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