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Exclusive Features

A Trusted Name In Bottled
Water Industry

Maxium Purity

Our Processing plant ensures the best Purity.

Cholorine Free

Get the Chlorine and heavy metal free water.

5 Steps Filtration

Multiple step filtering ensures the best quality water.

Healthy Water

We maintain balanced PH level for healthiest water.

About Acuasafe

Healthy Water for Healthy Life.

We know how harmful poor water is, this is why we maintain the characteristics of good water such as : pH, alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. So, you can be assured that you are getting Purest water cleaned of all Harmful Contaminants.

  • Cleaned of Harmful Contaminants
  • Minerals Added
  • pH Balanced
  • Natural Taste
  • Chlorine Free
  • Softened Water
  • Nutrients balanced
Our Services

Protect Your Family with Best Water
Filtering System Services

Residential Waters

Our Dedicated Team Members value Your Needs.

Filtration Plants

Reverse Osmosis filtering system ensures the best filtration.

Commercial Waters

Our plants are ready for Water deliveries commercially.

Water Softening

PH balanced and Softened water ensures the healthy life.


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Delivery Process

Here's how it works

We have developed our interface user friendly so that from order placement to delivery, Clients do not need to face any kind of hassles, hardships.

Choose the Product

Select product from the products list from your needs.

Confirm Purchase

Confirm the order from Cart and be ensured.


Provide the accurate location to get delivered.


We Deliver Best Quality
Bottle Packs

1L 3 Bottles

Mineral Water Bottle


Mineral water bottle for Residential users, available in different sizes

20L 2 Bottles

Bottled sparkling water


Bottled water in Large containers ideal for the starter businesses.

20L 5 Bottles

Naturally Mineral Water


Bottled water with 5 large containers for commercial large places.

Why US

Why Client Choose Acuasafe

Acuasafe ensures the purest, healthiest Ph balanced water free from heavy metal and always testes like natural mineral water.

Healthy Composition

Several processing ensures that it is healthy for human health.

5 Step Filtration

Multiple step filtering ensures that you get best quality water.

Quick & Fast Delivery

We have dedicated Delivery system for fast delivery.

Cost Efficiency

We have several plans to save the cost efficiently.

Cholorine Free Water

Cholorine is removed on the final stages for better health benifit.

Mineralized Water

To maintain the natural taste on water natural mineral is added.

Softening Solution

Water is softened as it benefits the residential & commercial use.

Easy to Use.

Its so simple! All you have to do get a bottle og Asucasafe.



Ready To Get Our Premium Water Delivery Service.

We give our services to more than 10 countries. We give our delivery service using more than 50 couriers within 2hr in anywhere in the city.

  • Free Delivery
  • 7 Days In A Week Service

What Our Client are Saying
About Acuasafe


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Stay Update with

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