Some Important Facts on drinking water

Water consumption is crucial for numerous body functions. They carry nutrition to cells, control body temperature, and lubricate joints, among other functions. Some people think that consuming water first thing in the morning might help them lose weight. 

An earlier study from 2010Trusted Source discovered that when middle-aged and older adults drank 500 millilitres (ml) of water before each meal for 12 weeks, they lost more weight. Researchers believe that the subjects who drank water had a partial reduction in energy consumption from meals. This indicates that they consumed less food than those who did not drink water prior to meals.

“A 2016 study over some participant found that Water can affect cognition and mental performance.

The creation of heat is known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis, which burns calories, takes place when a person consumes cold water in order to warm it up before it enters the body. An earlier study from 2013 examined the water intake and dietary intake of 50 females with a body mass index of 25 to 29.9. 

It was discovered that after increasing their water intake to 500 cc, three times per day, for eight weeks, their body weight had reduced. The water was consumed by participants before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The weight reduction was attributed by researchers to water-induced thermogenesis.

Water can affect cognition and mental performance; a 2016 study found that even mild dehydration can negatively damage cognition. Reliable Source a review for 2019 Trusted Source investigated how dehydration affects cognitive function. It was discovered that study participants who were well-hydrated generally performed better mentally.

The results, however, were not statistically significant, the researchers noted. Participants in the study also drank water continuously throughout the day. This may imply that consuming water throughout the day as opposed to simply in the morning is required for greater mental performance.

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